In the tab section, you’ll discover comprehensive details about the application across various tabs:

Details: Brief app description, latest release updates, full readme information, and app tags located at the end of the page.

Releases: A list of all releases published by the author on Open Exchange.

Reviews: Space for app reviews, allowing logged-in visitors to post their feedback.

Awards: Displays any awards won if the app participated in programming contests.

Issues: Lists issues fetched from GitHub or GitLab.

Pull Requests: Shows pull requests fetched from GitHub or GitLab.

Articles: Displays articles on Developer Community linked to the app.

Videos: Videos showcasing the app in action or the installation process.

Dependencies: Lists apps on which the application with an IPM module depends.

Dependants: Displays apps dependent on this app if it has an IPM module.

Contest: App owners can access this tab during contest registration to apply directly. Visitors, during the voting period, can vote for the app from this tab.

Reports: Visible to app owners, moderators, and admins, listing all moderator reports, comments, and the app’s working status.