Types of applications

Open source applications and commercial products for developers

The majority of applications accessible on the platform are are open source applications and aim to improve the user experience with InterSystems products by enhancing existing functionalities or introducing new features. However, there are a few commercial products that align with the same objectives, aiming to simplify and enrich the utilization of InterSystems products.

Supported by InterSystems and applications from Developer Community members

We encourage developers to share their solutions, templates, connectors, and more on the Open Exchange platform. However, please note that utilizing these contributions is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee compatibility with future versions of IRIS or ongoing support.

There are also applications endorsed by InterSystems that receive ongoing maintenance to align with the latest versions of the software and ensure continued support. Applications supported by InterSystems

InterSystems Package Manager (IPM former ZPM) applications

InterSystems Package Manager (IPM former ZPM) is a package manager tool developed by InterSystems for managing and installing packages in InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. ZPM simplifies the process of package management within InterSystems environments, allowing users to discover, install, and manage modules and libraries.

Open exchange is the only place to upload (publish) applications to the public IPM registry. And the most convenient way to find apps published there.

InterSystems Open Exchange IPM Applications.