Developer portal

Setup your profile

As soon as you login you can enter your developer portal, where you can:

  • Edit your personal data
  • Submit and manage your application
  • View your app’s statistics
  • Manage your bookmarks
  • Manage your subscriptions

Edit your personal data

If you’re already a part of the InterSystems Developer Community (DC) and have completed your profile there, your bio and links will be automatically fetched. If you haven’t filled out a DC profile or need to update information, you can manually input your bio and social network links under “Edit profile” tab


Submit and edit your applications

In this section, you can: (1) initiate the process of submitting applications, (2) view all your applications along with their statuses and essential information, and (3) manage them

For more detailed information about this block, please refer to the Managing Your Application documentation section.


View your app’s statistics

Under this tab, you’ll find a table listing your apps along with the following statistics for each:

  • IPM installs (if your apps have an IPM module)
  • Views: Number of times the app’s public page has been viewed
  • CTA clicks: Count of visitors clicking on the button redirecting to your app’s repository or website for more information
  • Bookmarks: Number of members who have bookmarked your app
  • Followers: Count of members subscribed to receive updates about your app
  • Rating: Average review rating of your apps
  • Reviews: Number of posted reviews on your app
  • Awards: Total count of awards your app has received from contest participation
  • Approved: Date when your app was initially approved
  • Created: Date when you created the entry for your app
  • Status: Current status of your app


Manage your bookmarks

Here, you can view all your apps with IPM (formerly ZPM) command line integration and have the option to remove apps from the list


Manage your subscriptions

You can view the types of newsletters you are subscribed to and choose to opt in or opt out based on your preferences. Additionally, you’ll find a list of apps that you are subscribed to in order to receive their update notifications.


View reviews

Under the “Review” tab, you can view all reviews you’ve left for other apps or reviews received for your apps. To switch between reviews you’ve published and reviews left for your app, use the filter located at the top of the page.