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Company’s members management

What company’s members means in the scope of Open Exchange? Different Open Exchange members can belong to one company. Also, we have a Company’s listing and there are two entities of Company which could be managed by its members: Services and Applications. The company’s members’ management gives the option to invite other members of the Company to publish applications on behalf of the company, change the description, and publish the Company’s services.

Members Roles

There are two roles which members can take in the Company:

  1. Member of a Company - can publish applications on behalf of the Company.
  2. Admin of a Company - can publish applications on behalf of the Company, can edit the Company’s description, can add and edit services and manage members of a Company (company can have only one admin).

The first admin member joins when he/she lists the Company on Open Exchange.

Then the Admin member can set up an “invite token” - a random token which he/she can share with colleagues to invite them to join the Company.

Admin: Generating Token

A new “invite token” could be generated by admin on a Company’s page:

Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 18 21 53

There is a button to copy token in a clipboard and a New Token button to generate a new one.

Joining the Company Using Token

This Token could be shared with members of the Company by any communication channel (email, messenger, etc): this proves that members of the company know each other and there is an intention to join the Company.

Having the token Open Exchange member can join the company on his OEX profile page:

Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 18 31 25

And then enter a Token and click Join:

Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 18 31 18

Note! You cannot join a company if are already a member of another one.

Admin: Managing Members

Admin member can manage other members of a company. The list of members is shown on a Members tab of the company profile.

Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 21 59 08

You see the members’ names and roles. You can search for a member, you can delete a member from the company’s listing.